Beyond Grid Parity

Based on patented Harmonic Neutralization technology, Alencon systems are the only PV energy harvesting and conversion systems capable of up to 100MW capacity. The topology combines an efficient centralized inverter system with a high voltage distributed energy harvesting network.

Benefit From:
  • Unprecedented efficiency
  • Lower Installation and BOS costs
  • Increased System Energy Yield
  • Increased Uptime and High Reliability


Construct your multi-MW PV system in an easier and more cost effective way. 
Our topology maximizes your energy harvest with string-wise MPPT, and reduces conduction losses. 
For off-shore wind farms, Alencon inverter systems can be utilized to convert DC to AC from a single turbine up to clusters of 30 combined into one system. 
PV Systems, Energy Storage, Wind turbines, Fuel Cells, or a combination of any of these. Our centralized architecture allows you to mix and match energy sources and feed into at a single inverter system.
Within Alencon VIEWS, you are able to move through a virtual model of your system, giving you the ability to oversee the entire system or closely monitor an individual component's parameters.